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How to Dye Dyeable Shoes

How to Dye Dyeable Shoes

Occasionally it becomes necessary to dye a pair of shoes. They might require a sprucing up or a whole new look for an upcoming event, such as a wedding or prom. Some professional dancers, such as tap dancers and ballroom dancers, have to have shoes that match or contrast their costumes. You can easily change your shoes to the exact shade that you need by dying them at home with a kit.



    Remove accumulated dirt and grime from your shoes with the shoe-cleansing wipe included in your dye kit. Dirt and other debris will prevent the shoe from absorbing the color completely.


    Get the dye ready as per the instructions on the box. Some kits require the dye to be stirred, some require the dye to be diluted in water, and some require capsules of the dye to be boiled in a pot of water.


    Stuff the interior of the shoes with tissue paper.


    Put on the pair of rubber gloves included in your shoe-dyeing kit and apply the dye with the included applicator. Some kits provide a sponge applicator, while others provide a brush. Make your first stroke at the back of the shoe.


    Work your strokes forward toward the toe and then down toward the heel of each shoe until they are well covered.


    Allow the shoes to dry for two to three hours on a piece of newspaper and evaluate the color. If it's still too light, you might want to apply one to three more applications of the dye.


    Spray the shoes with water repellent or color sealer once they have fully dried and are the shade you desire. This way, if it rains or your shoes are otherwise exposed to water, the dye won't run.

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