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How to Clean the Cork on Birkenstocks

How to Clean the Cork on Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks were invented in Germany in 1895. These shoes were designed to make walking comfortable, and they did. As individuals discovered how good the Birkenstocks felt on their feet, their popularity grew.

Once your purchase a pair of Birkenstocks, you will want to do all you can to keep them clean and looking like new. By taking care of your Birkenstocks, you can get many years of wear out of them. You will need to clean the cork differently than you clean the rest of the shoe.



    Check the cork on your Birkenstocks: If it is worn, it will need a new sealant. Birkenstocks come already sealed, but the sealant wears off over time. The sealant is necessary to keep the cork from drying out. Birkenstock Express sells The Cork Life, which is an appropriate sealant to use. To apply the sealant, just take the brush out of the bottle. (The brush will be attached to the lid.) Brush the sealant onto the cork. Dip it back into the bottle to get more sealant on the brush. Apply until all of the cork is suitably coated with sealant. It will dry clear.


    Brush off any dirt that you get on your Birkenstocks. This is important to do in between cleanings; otherwise, the dirt will continue to build upon itself. When you get home, take off the Birkenstocks, turn them upside down, and brush them until no more dirt comes off.


    Purchase shoe cleaner that doesn't require you to use water and is safe to use on cork. A good shoe cleaner that is totally safe for cork is Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution. Pour some of the solution onto the brush that comes with the kit. Then brush the solution into the cork, in a circular motion. Add more cleaner as needed. Work over all of the cork, or merely the sections that look dirty. You can then air-dry the Birkenstocks. No rinsing or water is needed.


    Purchase a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at a grocery store. Use this pad to clean the Birkenstocks whenever you get a stain on them. This stick will even remove black scuff marks. Just wet the Magic Eraser (not the cork) and rub it over the stain until it is gone. Then let the Birkenstocks air-dry.

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