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How to Restore the Color of Uggs

How to Restore the Color of Uggs

Ugg boots have a become a fashion staple in the winter months. The boots' warm sheepskin and wool are so comfortable to cold feet you may never take them off. However, frequent wear leads to inevitable stains and loss of color on your beloved Uggs. Salt stains from snow and ice storms are a common culprit of Ugg discoloration. But take heart, it is possible to clean your Ugg boots and restore them close to their original condition.



    Moisten the entire surface of the boot evenly and lightly with a cold water sponge. Do not immerse the entire boot into the water or it will damage the boot's lining and affect the boot's shape.


    Mix a solution of 1/2 cleaner and conditioner and 1/2 water. Apply a small amount of the solution to a clean, wet sponge. Do not apply the solution directly to your boot or you will damage the sheepskin.


    Rub the solution on your boot with the sponge gently and evenly until it foams. Cover the entire boot with this solution. Scrubbing will help remove the dirt, grime and salt that are causing your boot to lose color. Follow up immediately with a clean sponge dipped in water to rinse the boot of the cleaning solution and dirt.


    Stuff the boots with paper towels or newspaper to help the Uggs hold their shape and place the boots away from direct heat or sunlight to dry. Allow the boots to dry naturally and completely, which may take at least 24 hours.


    Brush the Uggs with a suede brush once they are finished drying. Gently brush them in one direction only. Brushing will help remove any remaining dirt and salt caught in the sheepskin and help restore texture and color.

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