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How to Get a Grease Stain Out of Ugg Boots

How to Get a Grease Stain Out of Ugg Boots

The smooth and soft feel of suede Ugg boots does not combine well with grease. Whether from an accident with body oil or a splatter in the kitchen while cooking, oil and grease can leave an unsightly and discolored blemish on Ugg boots. Insoluble in water, grease and oil require a delicate solution to remove stains from the suede material of Uggs. If drawing out the stain with absorbent materials does not work, specialized detergents may do the trick.



    Sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder directly on the grease stain on the boot.


    Leave the powder to sit over night.


    Brush the powder off the boot with a suede brush. If the powder is firm and crumbles, it has soaked up some or all of the grease stain. If the grease stain is still visible, apply leather degreaser to the stain.


    Cut a hole the size of the stain in a paper towel and position the paper towel so that the stain is exposed.


    Spray the leather degreaser on the stain. Let the degreaser sit according to the manufacturer's instructions and then brush away the powder from the degreaser.

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