Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Buy Shoe Stretching Products

If your feet hurt when you put on shoes, there's a good chance that your shoes are the problem. Buying ill-fitting shoes can cause unnecessary pain and irritate your feet. When you find that your shoes are too tight, consider these suggestions to remedy the problem with shoe stretching products.



    Consider the type of shoe. High heels, boots and flats all have different shapes and require a shoe stretcher designed for the specific style.


    Buy a two-way stretcher for problems with shoes that are too tight and too short. A two-way stretcher makes the shoes longer and wider.


    Shop for special needs shoe stretchers. Shoe stretchers designed for calf problems, insteps and toe problems can ease pinching in these areas.


    Choose shoe stretchers that target areas of your feet where you need relief. Stretchers with knobs can stretch shoes in areas around bunions and corns to remove pressure.


    Purchase shoe stretching liquid. Apply it before stretching the shoes. The solution prevents tearing and helps the shoes naturally stretch. Look for a pump spray solution for easier cleanup and to better target specific areas of your shoes (see Resources).


    Look for a shoe stretching kit to save time. These include the fluid and the shoe stretcher. Some shoe stretcher kits come with two stretchers so you can stretch the left and right shoe at the same time (see Resources).

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