Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Make Your Own Havaianas

Havaianas is a known brand of flip-flops that is currently one of the hottest fashion trends in many tropical countries. Having at least a pair of these comfortable slippers is a must for anyone who enjoys the sun, the sand, and yes, even the asphalt sidewalks of the metro. To make your Havaianas, pair more special, you can choose to customize it with pins and beads according to your personality. Most local stores already offer this option to customers so you can easily make your own Havaianas with the help of the store staff.




    Obtain your checklist for custom Havaianas from the event counter. At the store entrance, you will get a checklist containing a number of different materials and ideas for making your own Havaianas. You need to consult this checklist every now and then to get the materials that you need for your flip-flops.


    Decide on the type and color of slipper base and straps. Choose from a number of slipper bases and then mix and match the colors with straps. You don't have to choose the same color of sandal straps with your slipper base. You can be as creative as you want to go at this point. Just make sure that you get the right size of slippers. If you don't know your size yet, just try the sample slipper sizes first to make sure.


    Choose from among the variety of embellishments. Again, you will be provided with a lot of choices for embellishments to make your Havaianas flip-flops personalized. You can get pins in different designs such as flowers, lomo cams, shells, beach and flags.


    Submit your checklist to the staff and have it assembled. The staff at Havaianas will get your slipper base attached to your straps so you can move on to adding the embellishments. It's up to you to decide how you will arrange your pins. Just remember not to overdo on the embellishments because you can only fit so many on the straps of your flip-flops. The staff will punch the pins into the straps to secure them.


    Inspect your pair of customized Havaianas before accepting. Check to make sure that all the pins are securely in place.


    Add more embellishments as needed. In case you don't find the right Swarovski crystals or beads to make your flip-flops extra special, you can work from your own collection of beads when you get home. You can just work from a plain pair of Havaianas Slims or any other plain-colored pair and then glue the beads onto the straps according to your design.

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