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How to Choose Back Support Shoes

How to Choose Back Support Shoes

Shoes that have proper support for the back are a must for a weak back, especially if you have a job that keeps you on your feet. You can only shift body weight so many times from side to side. Long periods of standing can make even the strongest back hurt without back support shoes that give you an edge. The right shoes can make a difference.



    To find the right back support shoes you need to know if the foot is part of the problem as well as the back. If there is severe pain that keeps coming back then it's time to do more checking. A foot impression made by a foot specialist or podiatrist will give you the information needed.

    On the other hand, many times a back problem isn't serious, but can get that way if nothing is done. Sometimes adding foot or arch support as well as cushion will do the trick as long as the shoes still have good support.


    Consider stability shoes with moderate modifications as they help the foot to hit the ground properly keeping it from rolling in or out. There is a balance of support and cushioning designed for foot and back support. Athlete's love stability shoes, but you don't have to be an athlete to wear them.

    Opt for comfort more than looks. Trying on the shoes will let you know if they're the ones for you. Jump up and down, take varied strides and put them to the test before you wear them for long periods.


    Wear shoes that actually fit and don't try to wear a smaller shoe to make feet appear smaller. Way too many women are guilty of this! Or worse yet, they wear the worst of all shoes for the back and that is the high heel. Then complain that their back is killing them and no wonder.

    Check out orthopedic shoes they now have a much better selection than in the old days. Nowadays orthopedic dress shoes are fashionable and don't give a hint as to what they are, but still give extra foot and back support.


    Shop at quality shoe stores that have well trained people that know their stuff. If you have doubts don't buy anything, but go ahead and look them over. They should be able to answer questions about back support shoes and other concerns, so that you feel good about the purchase.

    Be willing to pay more money and don't be a penny pincher when it comes to buying shoes that will prevent or ease back problems. Understand that the money saved really isn't saved if you end up in the doctor's office or need surgery.

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