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How to Keep Boots Standing When Not Wearing

How to Keep Boots Standing When Not Wearing

After taking your tall fashion boots off at the end of the day, allow them to air out so foot odor doesn't become an issue. If the calf portion is made of a soft leather, suede or vinyl, it tends to flop over when you store the boots in your bedroom closet. This takes up precious space on the closet floor, crowding out other pairs of shoes, a laundry basket or empty luggage. If you store the boots back into their original box, you may forget you have them ready to wear, so keeping them in plain sight is the best solution. There are simple ways to keep your boots standing upright to avoid these inconveniences.



    Roll one magazine from the bound edge into a spiral. Slide it into the top of the boot. Repeat for the second boot.


    Tape two empty paper towel rolls together -- side by side -- with masking tape. Slide the taped paper towel rolls into the boots.


    Take an old newspaper and roll it up from the fold to the outer edge into a spiral. Slip it into the top of the boot. Repeat for the second boot.


    Slip a boot tree into a boot. Repeat for the second boot.


    Place an empty wine bottle into the top of a boot. Repeat for boot two.

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