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How to Lace Skate Shoes With Two Laces

How to Lace Skate Shoes With Two Laces

Lacing a pair of skate shoes, or any pair of shoes for that matter, with two laces will add complimentary or clashing colors to your shoes for a more unique look. While most adults and children should be able to perform the task, it is best to have someone else help if you experience problems or become confused. But don't worry, if that should happen, you can easily start again, or have your assistant get you back on track. Either way, you'll have fun mixing and matching colors for your new and old skating shoes.


    Lacing Diagram

    Reference the diagram provided as a guide. Using two different colored laces, one shorter than the other, feed one lace (see Purple lace in the diagram below) from the bottom of the eyelet. Pull up and out of the eyelet so the lace hangs over the visible part of the eyelet ring (upside). Continue for both sides of the shoes but only feeding the lace through one pair of eyelets (right and left side of the corresponding pair of eyelets).


    Criss cross the lace and feed under the third set of corresponding eyelets. Allow the lace to emerge from under each eyelet and pull until taut.


    Continue crisscrossing the same lace until you reach the last two eyelets at the top of the shoe. Pull to gather any slack in the lace.


    Move on to the second lace. For this example, refer to the orange lace in the above diagram. Holding the lace in your hands, repeat the previous steps; this time feeding the lace through every other set of eyelets.


    Pull both laces tightly and tie as normal. You will tie both laces in one bow to secure the shoes.

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