Friday, January 29, 2016

How to Convert to UK Shoe Size

Just like all other items of clothing, shoe size standards vary depending on the manufacturer. To confuse consumers even further, the numbers used to determine shoe size can vary depending on the country where the shoes were produced, as well as the country where they'll be marketed.
One popular source for shoes is England (and the rest of the United Kingdom). Of course, Britain has its own unique way of configuring shoe sizes.



    Calculate men's shoe sizes. In general, UK men's shoe sizes are only a half-size different from American men's shoe sizes. For example, if you normally wear an American size 9, you will wear a size 8 1/2 in a UK shoe size. But the European equivalent to an American men's 9 is size 43.


    Look at women's shoe sizes. American women's shoe sizes are 2 1/2 size numbers different than British sizes. A women's size 8 in America is size 5 1/2 in England and size 38 1/2 in the European system.


    Measure children's sizes very carefully. Little girls' shoes are a smaller size number in the UK--an American size 12 1/2 is a British size 11. Little boys' shoes are a half-size different--an American size 13 is a British size 12 1/2.

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