Friday, January 8, 2016

How to Make Tennis Shoes Into Saddle Shoes

How to Make Tennis Shoes Into Saddle Shoes

Nothing accentuates a pair of rolled-up 1950s jeans or a vintage poodle skirt better than a pair of saddle shoes. Converting your old tennis shoes into fashionable saddle shoes is simple---and cheap. Before you know it, you will be bopping along to your favorite rock-and-roll tunes in your stylish new puppies. Let's get moving, Daddy-o.



    Start with a pair of white Keds or River Club sneakers. This project won't work with just any tennis shoes.

    Paint the tongue, but not the grommets.

    Apply black acrylic paint to the instep of the shoes, in the same fashion as a saddle shoe. Be sure to leave the canvas around the eyelets and sole alone, but do paint the tongue.


    As the paint is drying, you can color in the small areas around the eyelets and sole with a black Sharpie.


    Apply a coat of acrylic gloss over the dried black paint. This will make your new saddle shoes stand out.


    Let the gloss dry and then lace up your new DIY saddle shoes.

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