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How to Clean Rainbow Sandals

How to Clean Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow sandals are a popular brand-name flip-flop known for their comfort, durability and style. While the classic thong versions are made of premier leather, newer styles offer sandals made of hemp, rubber or plastic (or a combination of the materials). While the brand totes their multi-use function, regular use of your Rainbow sandals will cause them to darken and weather. However, effective cleaning methods can help freshen the look of your Rainbow sandals and keep them both fashionable and functional.



    Dampen a cloth with warm water. Add a little bit of dish-washing soap, but not enough to make the cloth too sudsy. Rub the cloth gently over dirty areas on the Rainbow sandals to spot clean. Use an old toothbrush to scrub debris off your leather Rainbows; use a professional leather cleaner for tough jobs.


    Submerge 100-percent plastic Rainbows in a bucket of soapy water. Soak for five minutes and plunge several times to break apart caked debris. Wash all over with a sponge, scrubbing firmly on dirty areas. Air-dry in full sun.


    Wash 100-percent hemp Rainbows in the washing machine. Run the cycle (preferably "hand-wash cycle") in cold water, with only a little laundry detergent. Air-dry Rainbows in the full sun for at least six hours. Use a stain remover pen (or spray) on white hemp versions, as this may help clean the fabric. Do not clean with this option if the Rainbows are made of leather or plastic materials.

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