Monday, November 10, 2014

About Spinning Shoes

About Spinning Shoes

Almost every athletic undertaking requires special shoes that are designed specifically for that purpose. In spite of Henry David Thoreau's warning to "Beware of enterprises that require new clothes," wearing the right shoes for every activity is recommended by podiatrists to protect the feet. Here we will explain a little about how spinning shoes are different from other athletic shoes, along with their benefits for the wearer.


    Spinning shoes are designed with threaded holes in the bottom where a piece called a cleat can be screwed into the bottom of the shoe. The cleat attaches to the bike pedal to prevent the foot from sliding off so spinners can go faster.


    Spinning shoes are made of thinner, more porous fabric than many athletic shoes for better air circulation around the feet, since they are designed for inside use only. Regular athletic shoes must provide protection from the elements, as well as support for the wearer's weight. The cleat mentioned above must be purchased separately and screwed into the holes on the bottom of the shoe after its wearer has walked to where she will ride the bike.


    The most important feature of any shoe is its size. Even with shoes worn only while riding an indoor bike, the fit is very important. Spinning shoes must fit the wearer's foot as perfectly as possible so they are comfortable, and so that blisters aren't made by constant rubbing on the feet while spinning.


    Make certain before buying the spinning shoes that the cleat is compatible with the spinning bike you will be using. They are not universal. Make certain the store where you buy your spinning shoes will allow them to return the shoes and the cleat if you buy the wrong kind.


    The benefit of buying shoes specifically designed for spinning is that they allow for optimum performance and safety as well as comfort.

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