Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Does a Shoe Salesman Spend a Workday?

How Does a Shoe Salesman Spend a Workday?

The Sales Floor

    A shoe salesman is responsible for attending to customers on the sales floor. The sales floor can consist of racks of shoes with sizes available underneath the racks for customers to try on, or the sales floor can consist of sample pairs of shoes that the shoe salesman will then take to the back to find the customer's size requests. It is up to the shoe salesman to keep track of which customers are which sizes, which can include taking notes on which size ranges will fit the customer, if necessary. It is important that the shoe salesman takes note of similar shoes in the customer's size range, even if the shoes she requests are available. This technique, called "upselling," ensures a sale is made with a possible monetary gain.

The Stock Room

    It is the shoe salesman's responsibility to ensure that the stock room, where all of the inventory for the store is held, is clean and organized. The shoes can be organized in any way that makes sense to the store owner and the managers, and it's up to the shoe salesman to learn the stock room inside and out in order to make the turnaround time as quick as possible. It should only take a few seconds to pull each pair of shoes, so depending on how many shoes the shoe salesman is retrieving, he should only be in the stock room for a few minutes. It's the shoe salesman's responsibility to stuff the un-purchased shoes with tissue paper and return the shoebox to new condition before returning each box to the stock room.

Shipments and Deliveries

    Because of the constant turnover of shoes, deliveries will be made every day in many busy shoe stores. Most shoe stores have deliveries at least once a week. If the shoe store ships shoes, the shoe salesman will be responsible for packing the shoes and addressing the boxes properly in order to ship them promptly and accurately. Each shipment must be logged and signed for to determine that no shoes are missing from the delivery. Then the shoe salesman will place each new shoebox in order in the stock room and double-check that it is in place. This way, if any shoes are missing, the manager will hold the shoe salesman who unpacked the delivery responsible.

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