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How to Keep Laces From Untying

How to Keep Laces From Untying

Shoelaces that continually come undone can be a frustrating thing to have to put up with. Untied laces can also be a danger, as tripping over them can lead to serious falls and injuries. If you want to keep your laces nicely tied, and not have to constantly be looking down to check them, there are things you can do.



    Make sure your laces are in good shape. Often laces with worn spots, missing end pieces, or frays and tears won't stay tied, or will break off. So start with a pair of laces in good condition and lace them through your shoes.


    Take a stick of beeswax, or a stick of glue if you don't have beeswax, and rub the parts of your shoelaces that are hanging loose from the shoe.


    Take either end of your lace and make a loop, tying the two loops together. This is commonly referred to as the "bunny ears" technique. Take either end of the resulting bow and tie them around each other one more time to make a second tie and further secure.


    Take the leftover pieces of your laces sticking out on either end, and tuck them into either side of your shoe to keep them from getting pulled or stepped on.

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