Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Choose Purple Shoes

How to Choose Purple Shoes

The right pair of shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe. A well fitted shoe in a color that you like can provide effective support for your feet and make you feel happy at the same time. Shoes can also add color to an otherwise subdued look. Children will enjoy a pair of lavender peep toes to help them celebrate Easter in style. Adults may look for a pair of sophisticated heels crafted from suede in the season's latest shade of plum or soft, subtle violet.



    Purchase shoes for the right occasion. If you are attending church, you may need a pair of shoes that give off a formal air such as maryjanes or pumps. A less formal occasion often calls for less formal shoes such as sandals and sneakers.


    Pick out a shade of purple. Pastel shades of lilac and mauve remind people of springtime. Deeper shades of purple such as indigo, royal, eggplant and amethyst are often used for a nighttime look. Lighter shades will tend to show dirt more easily. Consider buying such shoes in a less difficult to clean fabric such as cotton or leather. A darker shade of purple can be so dark as to be nearly black. Look at the shoe from a distance. See what color it looks like when viewed from a few feet away. If you want to stand out in a crowd or wear such shoes for a fun occasion such as Mardi Gras, buy them in a shinier fabric so the shade of purple will be more readily apparent.


    Have them dyed to match. If you can't find the shade of purple that you want to use, you can have your shoes customized to a specific shade. Bridesmaids are often request to wear shoes that exactly match the fabric on a dress. A bridal store can help you select the shade you want and then arrange for nearly any style of shoe in that shade of purple.


    Pair with the right accessories. A bright shade of purple can serve as a focal point. You can play this effect up with matching accessories such as a handbag and jewelry in the same shade. You can also play off the color using accessories in a less vivid shade. Another strategy is to purchase accessories in a complementary color. Purple shoes pair well with other items in shades of blue, green and gold.

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