Friday, January 23, 2015

Fashion Tips for Boots

Fashion Tips for Boots

Boots are practical and fashionable additions to your wardrobe. They can keep you warm during harsh weather conditions in the winter. You can also wear them in warm weather to add a stylish effect to your outfits. There are many boot styles, including tall boots, ankle boots and fur-lined boots. Each boot has different considerations to keep in mind to make your outfit flattering.

Tall Boots

    Tall boots look most attractive when they fit snugly around your calves to emphasize your leg shape. Boots with open gaps will add unnecessary bulk to your legs. When wearing tall boots with jeans, choose jeans that easily tuck into the boots without creating bulk. Appropriate jeans include skinny and super skinny jeans, which have a tapered cut. Tall boots can also be worn with tights and a loose-fitting sweater for an effortless and chic look. To wear tall boots with short skirts, make sure you cover bare skin with tights. Exposing leg skin while wearing tall boots makes your legs look shorter.

Ankle Boots

    Ankle boots are low boots that end just above your ankle. They have small heels that make your legs seem longer. Wear ankle boots with tights and a skirt to add an unexpected flair to a simple outfit. Add ankle boots to a sleek, all-black outfit that includes black tights and a fitted black shirt. The ankle boots will make your legs look lean and long, lending a dramatic effect to the outfit. Wear ankle boots with skinny jeans, which have a silhouette that is compatible with the sleek structure of the ankle boot. Refrain from pairing ankle boots with long skirts, which will create a matronly look.

UGG Boots

    The most popular fur-lined boots are UGGs, which are useful for harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow. When worn incorrectly, UGGs can look unflattering because of the bulk they add to your feet. Clothing that looks unflattering with UGGs include long dresses, baggy jeans and capris. Instead, wear short UGGs with skinny jeans to balance the bulk. Experiment with different UGG styles to find a flattering pair. The company offers many styles other than the classic short or tall boot. For example, UGGs's classic cardy is a versatile boot that can be worn short or long. Wear it short with skinny jeans in cold weather. Or wear it long with a short denim skirt for an effortless and interesting outfit.

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