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Can You Clean the Ugg Cardy?

Contrary to popular belief, the smooth and velvety, high street Ugg Cardy fashionable boots can be cleaned and washed without ruining their shape and color forever, if you know how to do it. There are many ways to wash these boots, but debate still persists on which is the best way to clean these showstoppers without damaging them. After much dispute, designers came up with the safest cleaning technique.

How to Clean Ugg Cardy Boots

    Lightly brush off the accumulated dirt and dust on your Ugg Cardy boots with a suede brush or soft brush. However, rubbing the surface of the boots with all your might will completely ruin the boot fabric. So, go soft. Dip a sponge in cold water and dab the dirty spots lightly. Submerging the Ugg Cardy boots in soapy water will ring their death knell as these sheepskin boots aren't waterproof. Because warm or hot water leads to discoloration of these boots besides making them lose their shape, it is safer to go for cold water.

More Tips for Cleaning Ugg Cardy Boots

    There are various kinds of specialized sheepskin cleaning solutions or Ugg cleaners available in the market. Use a good one to spray on your boots and then wipe the boots with light, gentle strokes. Again, if you rub too hard, it will damage your boots. Once the dirt has lifted, rinse off the cleaning solution by repeatedly wiping off the surface of the boots with a wet, cold sponge. It is possible to prepare a cleaning solution at home by mixing water and a mild liquid detergent in equal ratios. If you use excessive detergent, it will stain your boots.

How to Dry Ugg Cardy Boots after Cleaning Them

    Never forget to dry your boots after cleaning them. Otherwise, they can become damp and smelly. The best way to dry your boots is to air dry them naturally or you may leave your wet boots in a sunny corner of your house. If you subject these sheepskin boots to direct heat, the boots might lose their shape and deform. So it is a good idea to tuck in paper balls (scrunch up a few newspapers into ball shapes with your hands) and stuff up your Ugg Cardy boots while letting them dry.

Is it Possible to Machine Wash Ugg Boots?

    The answer is yes, if the Ugg boot is a well-made, sturdy one. Firstly, you have to apply a sheepskin cleaning solution or an Ugg cleaner to the whole of the boot surface. Then place it in the washing machine and run it for 30 minutes in the wool mode or wool cycle. Take care to select the cycle. You can dry these boots in your dryer if you set the tumble dryer at low. Rest assured, your fashion boots will regain their lost sparkle without shedding much sweat.

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