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Roman Woman Sandals Instructions

Roman Woman Sandals Instructions

According to a July issue of Earth Times, Roman sandals are in, and the best dressed women chose Roman sandals over many other styles to wear with skirts, dresses and pants. Instead of buying your Roman sandals, ladies, you can make your own.

The Pattern

    Make a pattern by standing on a piece of paper and tracing around each of your feet. Try to be accurate when you do this. Cut out the pattern.

Cut out the Leather

    Lay your pattern on the leather and trace around it. Cut two pieces of leather for each foot. Cut out thinner pieces of leather for the straps. Use thick boot laces made of leather for the laces instead, if you prefer. Cut slits between your big toe and second toe in each of the upper layers for each sandal. Thread the lacing or boot lace into the slits and pull on the ends until they're even. Slip two pieces of leather on either side of your arches for both sandals, and poke holes in the ends.


    Roman sandals are nailed together rather than sewn. There's more than one historic nailing pattern to choose from, such as ones that go around the outside of the sandals, or others that go in the center. Lay the two leather pieces for one sandal on an anvil, and nail the tacks through the leather in the pattern you have chosen. Snip off the points of the tacks so they don't extend through the top layer. You're going to nail the tacks in through the bottom of the sandal and up into the top (which makes it all the more important that you don't inadvertently leave the tacks long enough to poke your feet).

Finishing Touches

    Thread the laces through the holes located near your arches. For the most fashionable look, wind the laces up your legs, crossing them, starting near your ankles.

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