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What is a Moccasin?

A moccasin is a type of shoe originally worn by Native Americans. The moccasin is a slip-on style shoe usually made of leather or suede. The shoe remains popular today, becoming more or less popular during different times, as any fashion trend tends to do.


    Although Native American garb differed from tribe to tribe, the moccasin was the one similarity in all their clothing. The word "moccasin" originates from an Algonquian word which basically meant "shoe." This word was chosen to represent the type of shoe simply because the Algonquians were the first tribe Europeans came across. Other tribes had different words for the shoe, although now moccasin is largely used by all.


    Native American moccasins were all originally made of leather and sinew sewn together. While the basic construction was always the same, the designs were different among tribes. Moccasins were made to be suited for their environment. Hard-soled moccasins involved two or more layers of hide on the bottom which was more suitable to difficult terrain. Moccasins were assembled inside-out to hide the stitching. Sinew was used for thread and was woven through holes pierced with a bone awl. Knots were tied on the outside of the shoe for comfort.


    Moccasins differed from tribe to tribe. Differences included beading, type of hide used, shapes and painting on the shoe. In fact, many tribes could be identified simply from the footprints they left behind. Flaps of leather or fur were often added to cover the ankle or folded into a cuff. Some moccasins were made into boots or attached to leggings. Some had fringe or a "tail" attached at the back, thought to help wipe away the footprints of the wearer. Moccasins worn for marriage were often entirely covered in intricate bead work.

Types of Hides

    Moccasins were made out of different types of hides depending on the tribe and location. Commonly used hides were those of moose, elk, deer or buffalo. Rawhide was used for the hard-soled moccasins. Thicker hides were more difficult to sew, but resulted in sturdier and longer lasting moccasins. Rabbit fur or sheepskin were sometimes added as liners or around the ankles for added warmth in the colder months.

Modern Moccasins

    The moccasin has stood the test of time as a practical yet comfortable shoe. The moccasin has inspired designers and has also evolved into different forms, such as the driving moccasin, boat shoes or loafers, which all have a shape similar to that of the moccasin. Moccasin-styled slippers are also quite popular. You can get more authentic-looking moccasins at various retailers and trade posts around the country. A popular brand is the Minnetonka moccasin, which is both comfortable and affordable and comes in a variety of styles. It is also possible to buy authentic Native American-made moccasins at some online retailers. This is a great way to support native artisans.

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