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Facts About Rubber Shoes

Facts About Rubber Shoes

The ability to cover our feet gave early man the chance to move into otherwise hostile climate and terrain. Uncured fur gave way to leather which in turn bowed to man-made materials. Today the shoe industry sells more than two billion shoes a year. Almost half of those shoes are made, at least in part, of rubber.

Early Rubber Shoes

    Almost 3,000 years ago, Mesoamericans, specifically the Aztec, Olmec and Maya people, were producing rubber from the sap of rubber trees and juice from morning glory vines. In addition to samples of the rubber material, archaeologists have found pictures of sandals with detachable soles and evidence that the Aztecs had a compound word that combined "rubber" and "sandals."

Early Sneakers

    Wait Webster created rubber soles and attached them to shoe and boot uppers in 1832. These were the first athletic shoes. But, the soles were so quiet, they were quickly adopted by burglars, earning them the name "sneakers."


    In 1839, Charles Goodyear developed the process of vulcanization. By combining rubber and sulfur, Goodyear was able to keep the flexible properties of rubber that kept its shape in the presence of heat. This discovery allowed shoes to be made that would stand up to heat and pressure, making them more durable.

Athletic Shoes

    The Spalding Co. started manufacturing sport shoes with spikes for greater grip and stability in grass. By 1894, the company offered three styles that cost $6 a pair, an exorbitant sum at the time. Adolf Dassler created shoes specifically designed for running. His work was known worldwide and worn by the greatest runners of the day. His corporation later split into two companies that are still known today as Adidas and Puma. In 1972, Bill Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to create a waffle texture in the soles of their running shoes. Their resulting company, Nike, has been "just do(ing) it" ever since.

Other Uses of Rubber Shoes

    While rubber shoes are generally thought of as athletic shoes, they are used in a variety of areas. Rubber boots have been keeping feet dry since 1856. The preferred footwear of electricians has been rubber since it is a non-conductive material.

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