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How to Fix Slippery Soles

How to Fix Slippery Soles

Falls and injuries often occur when people lose traction under foot when walking. Common causes of lost traction are slippery floors and slippery shoe soles. Slippery soles are usually the result of a shoe designer creating a shoe with a flat, un-textured sole design or slippery sole material. They can also occur when a textured sole wears down and flattens with use. Whatever the cause of the slipping, you can usually fix slippery shoe problems at home by resurfacing the soles.



    Attach shoe traction or grip pads that prevent slipping. Wipe away dirt from the bottom of your shoes with a wet cloth or paper towel, and then wipe the soles dry. Remove the paper backing on a pad, align the pad with the area that its designed to fit, such as the front or heel, and then press it firmly against the surface. Repeat this process with the second sole.


    Rub coarse sandpaper or a rough brick against the soles of your shoes to rough them up so that theyre textured to provide a better grip. If you dont have sandpaper or a brick, put on your shoes and then walk across a rough surface such as gravel or concrete, scuffing your feet as you walk.


    Etch small and large shapes into the soles with a sharp knife or scissors to create a textured pattern. Match the style of pattern as closely as possible to the type you might see on textured soles in a store, such as zigzags, diamonds or Xs, to create the best grip.

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