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How to Decorate Flipflops

How to Decorate Flipflops

Flip flops are most people's foot ware of choice during the warm summer months. They are so easy to slip on and come in a variety of colors to match almost any outfit. But have you noticed that the price of flip flops keeps going up along with their popularity. Now you can spend only a few dollars and have flip flops that are stylish and unique by making your own flip flops.



    Buy a cheap pair of flip flops. These should cost no more than a few dollars and you can even find them for a dollar if you really look hard. Keep an eye out at end of summer sales where flip flops go on clearance. This is a great time to stock up for next year.


    Next get creative. You can glue a piece of colorful ribbon around the upper thong pieces to cover it. This gives the flip flops a whole new appearance and the colors are limited only by your selection of ribbon.


    Other items that may be added to the upper portion are buttons, bows, small plastic lettering and any other items that look cute.


    You may also choose to remove the upper portion all together and replace it with a thick ribbon. This gives a very stylish appearance to the flip flops. Old scarves work well for this. You simply measure the length of the plastic parts that you cut off, and make the ribbon or scarf the same length. You will need to run two ribbons down each side, and twist them together at the toe section before pulling them through the bottom of the flip flop.


    Now get out the paint. If you're good enough, try freehand painting. If not, get small cheap stencils and use those to paint on the sole of the flip flop. Nothing is cuter than a sun stenciled on the sole.

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