Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to Choose Shoes For Comfort

How to Choose Shoes For Comfort

Comfortable shoes are part of good care your feet deserve. Other ingredients for healthy and normal feet are cleanliness, trimmed nails and exercise.

Our feet are our levers, balancers and shock absorbers. Keep them comfortable and healthy.



    Observe how your foot is built. Know your foot. Your foot consists of 33 joints. Your foot has a long, high major arch along its inner border. The minor arch is a long slight arch along the outer border of the foot. The metatarsal arch is across the ball of the foot. In addition, there is an arch under the foot just behind the instep. The formation of the foot plays a major part in selecting a comfortable shoe.


    Select shoes that protect your feet. Choose quality over price. When selecting, be sure that the ball of your foot rests on the widest part of the shoe. The heel should be snug and not slip. Your toes should not push against the top of the shoe.


    Try on the shoes, stand up and walk around. If your feet vary slightly in size, choose the most comfortable size for the larger foot.


    Have your feet measured at least once a year. The size and shape of our feet change over the years. This will assure you of a comfortable fit.


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