Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Clean Satin Heels

Satin heels are beautiful, but they pick up dirt like small children in Sunday clothes. If you have a pair of satin heels that is starting to show grime despite your best efforts, you may be thinking about consigning them to the junk bin. However, you can clean your satin heels and restore them almost to their original condition, with a little dedication and the right cleaning materials.



    Mix warm water and soap in a bowl. Use about a cup of water and 2 or 3 drops of soap. Stir the mixture, using your hands covered by one of the clean rags. This will get the rag saturated as you work.


    Spot clean the satin shoes with the warm, soapy mixture. This works best for general grimy spots. Gently run the damp rag over the dirty spots, going with any grain. Do not scrub the area, or you will ruin the satin. Dab it repeatedly. Most of the dirt should lift out. Use a different part of the clean cloth with every swipe so that you are not just rubbing the removed dirt back onto the shoes.


    Test the dry cleaner fluid on a small, unnoticeable spot on the shoe. Dry cleaner fluid can cause some colors to change, so dab a tiny amount onto the shoe to see if the resulting color is the same or close enough that the cleaning effect is worth it.


    Target hard-to-remove spots with the dry cleaner fluid. Saturate a piece of cotton wool with the dry cleaner fluid. Go over the spot using the dry cleaner fluid, and the darker areas of dirt should come out. As before, do not scrub. You can use slightly more pressure, but continue to rub only with the grain.


    Visit a professional dry cleaner as a last resort. If you cannot get the grime out, you may have to take your satin shoes to a professional. Fortunately, this process can cost as little as $30, though some dry cleaners in some areas charge much more.

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