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How to Clean Vinyl Patent Shoes

How to Clean Vinyl Patent Shoes

Vinyl shoe lovers buy patent footwear for its shine and classic style. If you are looking to clean dirty vinyl patent, some methods add additional shine to the footwear without damaging the vinyl shoe surface. Common household cleaning products and an old cloth diaper will transition your soiled patent vinyl patent shoes from dirty to divine.



    Clean shoe with warm water, but skip the soap. Wipe shoe with a T-shirt soaked in water.


    Remove black scuffs with soap and water. If deep black marks remain, scrub the shoe with a rag and mild liquid detergent. Add a drop of detergent to the cloth. Apply the detergent to the scuffs. Rub the soiled area vigorously with the rag. Wipe clean with warm water.


    Let shoe dry for 30 minutes. Air-dry the shoe away from heat.


    Touch up the sole of the shoes or the edges of the heel with a toothbrush dipped in shoe polish. Or fill in heel scratches with a permanent marker.


    Add shine with furniture polish. Squirt a dime sized portion of furniture polish on a clean rag. Using a circular motion, rub the liquid polish into the shoe. Buff with a shoeshine towel to reveal a high gloss.

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