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About Paint Markers for Custom Shoe Designs

About Paint Markers for Custom Shoe Designs

Paint markers for custom shoe designs come in a variety of colors, points and finishes. These markers are specifically made to be used on a number of shoe fabrics. The paint is waterproof and, in many cases, fade-resistant. This means that you can clean the shoes without fear of removing or affecting your design.


    Paint markers for shoes generally fall under the category of fabric markers. They can be purchased at craft-supply stores, as well as other specialty retailers. There are several types of these markers that offer an assortment of different effects. For example, fine points are useful when it comes to things like delicate details, hard-to-reach spots and small writing. Larger points may make it easier to cover more of the shoe quickly, whether you are filling in a stencil or casing a wider area. The markers come in everything from basic colors to neon and metallic. Depending on the marker, a matte, shiny, iridescent, puffy or worn finished appearance can be achieved. Glitter markers are often popular with those who customize their shoes' design.


    Choosing the right brand of marker is important when creating shoe designs. The brands Fabricmate, Marvy, Zig, Glaze, Sakura, Pentouch, Pearlescent and Permapaque are considered to be among the best and most reliable. The above markers are all available in different colors and point-tip sizes. They can be purchased individually or as part of a package. The prices of paint markers vary according to brand, type and where they're bought. Some craft stores may charge more for the markers than the manufacturers do. If you are just starting to customize your shoes and becoming acquainted with process, you may want to start by buying a few different markers, to test them out and see if you like them. People who customize their shoes regularly tend to order the markers from an online retailer or directly from the manufacturer (if they are getting them wholesale).


    Marvy Decofabric Paint Markers (www.dickblick.com)

    It's important to consider the fabric of the shoes you're going to customize prior to using the markers. For example, some markers are indicated for use on canvas and other cloth materials, as opposed to leather or suede. If the shoes being customized are made of leather, it's wise to opt for a brand like DecoColor; which makes specially pigmented markers that are recommended for such cloth. Before applying the marker to the shoes, practice your intended design on a similar material. This will give you an indication of what the end product will look like. In most cases, once the marker is applied to the shoes, it's hard to make any corrections or changes.


    Creating custom designs for your shoes doesn't have to be a complicated task. You can start out by using an old pair of shoes (or purchase a cheap pair) that has minimal if any, designs and embellishments on them. Clean the shoes (you may want to remove the laces if they have ones) and wait for them to dry completely. Have your paint markers ready; you'll have to shake them until the color enters the tip. You can use tools like stencils or come up with your own patterns, shapes and designs.


    A number of well-known manufacturers now allow you to customize their shoes for an additional cost. Nike, Keds, Converse and Etnies are some of the companies that offer this feature. Depending on the shoe and brand, a client is able to choose from a number of fabrics, patterns, styles and other personal touches. The websites of the above manufacturers contain directions for personalization; follow the links in Resources.

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