Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Wear Heels While Having Blisters

How to Wear Heels While Having Blisters

Wearing stiff or new shoes can cause cuts, swelling and blisters. If you must wear heels over your sore feet, make sure you're as comfortable as possible.



    Soak your feet in antibacterial soap and cold water before putting on shoes.The cold water will help your feet relax and reduce swelling. The antibacterial soap will keep the cuts and blisters free of germs and bacteria.


    Saturate a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and dab on any blisters or cuts. Hydrogen peroxide promotes healing and will clear the blisters/cuts of any remaining germs or bacteria.


    Bandage any sensitive areas with a blister bandage. Most blister bandages contain extra padding and a water-resistant coating on top. Although blister bandages are stronger than regular bandages, bring some extra ones with you to in case one falls off.


    Place gel or leather heel liners inside your shoes. Heel liners can be purchased online (see the "Resources" section below), or at your local drugstore. If you feel another sensitive area besides the heel, cut a heel liner in half and place it inside the shoe. Although the gel heel liners tend to be more gentle on the feet, they usually don't stick to the shoe as long as leather heel liners.


    Bring flip-flops just in case. If you're still in pain, you can change into flip-flops under your desk and change back into your heels periodically if you need to. If you don't give your feet a rest, they will never heal.

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