Friday, March 11, 2016

How to Paint Artwork on Sneakers

How to Paint Artwork on Sneakers

Sneakers are very useful but can often be somewhat mundane. You can easily change the mundane to the magnificent when you paint artwork on sneakers. Canvas sneakers are your best canvas, so to speak. Shoes that work best also have a lot of flat surfaces to show off your masterpiece. You can go for an overall theme, random smaller illustrations or even write your name or inspiring quotes along the top and sides. Your options can go as far as your sneakers can carry you.



    Gather your supplies. Get a pair of canvas sneakers that do not have a lot of adornments. Shop discount shoe shops for an inexpensive pair you wont feel bad if you screw up. Take a trek to the arts and crafts store for fabric paint. Pick colors that contrast well with the sneakers, such as black paint for white sneakers or a deep red on light blue. Go for paints that come in tubes you can use as a pen.


    Prepare the sneakers. Remove the laces. Wash the sneakers by placing them in a pillow case and running them through a gentle wash cycle. Air dry so you dont melt the rubber soles.


    Practice. Get a scrap piece of fabric, pull it taught over a box or other foundation, and practice mastering the paint tube technique.


    Begin painting. Once your shoes are fully dry and you are confident using the paint, start at the lower inside of the sneaker and keep painting from there. Starting at the lower back makes any early mistakes less obvious.


    Set the paint. Some fabric paints require another washing or heat to set them. Follow directions on the paint. If you have to set with heat, use a very low setting on an iron and place a piece of cloth in between the iron and the canvas.


    Polish off the look. When you've finished with the canvas parts, use acrylic paint or permanent markers to create designs on the strip of rubber sole around the shoes perimeter. You can also find contrasting shoe laces or use the fabric paint to design the boring white laces the sneaker probably came with.

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