Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Turn a Shoe Into Art

How to Turn a Shoe Into Art

While most people use shoes to cover their feet, there is no reason that shoes can't be used as art. Whether using a shoe as a subject matter for a painting as Joan Miro did, or making the shoe itself into art like Canadian sculptor Brian Jungen, you can get inspired by the lowly shoe to create potentially great art. Just remember to take it one step at a time.


Transform a Shoe Into Something Unexpected


    Find a shoe that speaks to you. It could be anything from a cherry red pump to a mangled army boot. Shoes of all kinds can be acquired at charity shops for very little money. Decide if you are inspired to make single-shoe art or multi-shoe art. Consider acquiring hundreds of shoes and making a shoe installation.


    Use a sharp utility knife to slice all the seams of a shoe and dismantle it completely. Lay all the parts out on a flat surface and stare at them for a while. Let yourself become familiar with them as individual forms, rather than parts of a shoe. Using needle and thread or glue, reassemble the parts into something entirely new.


    Paint the new thing in any way that your muse dictates. Try to make something that nobody would realize was ever a shoe. Paint it in an abstract manner, or use the paint to apply realistic scenes onto what is no longer a realistic shoe.

Celebrate a Shoe as a Shoe


    Select a shoe that speaks to you. Don't cut this one into pieces, but modify it into something unique while still retaining its inherent "shoeness." By taking parts of other shoes and using them as modifiers or extenders, you can exaggerate the inherent aspects of this shoe, for example by making a 3-inch heel into a 9-inch heel, or by extending the lace grommets all the way down to the toes.


    Try connecting multiple shoes where shoes are not normally connected. By very carefully sawing off part of the toes of two shoes with a flat cut, you can then connect them along that cut to create conjoined shoes.


    Juxtapose different shoes in order to tell a story. Make a vignette with shoes representing people, for example, a wingtip, a pump, a sneaker and a baby shoe to represent a family. Place shoes into dioramas and use them as characters in their own private shoe drama.

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