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High Heel Replacement Tips

High Heel Replacement Tips

The unthinkable has happened: your heel has broken on the way to an event, at the office or out on the town. Now, it's time to get that special shoe fixed, and the heel replaced. It's also possible to simply fix it yourself, if the right tools are at hand. Before throwing out a fantastic pair, do a bit of work to preserve the heels that you love so much.

Don't Panic--It Can Be Fixed

    Most broken heels can be easily repaired in a very short amount of time. Whether you visit a shoe repair shop or perform a DIY job, most breaks aren't permanent. Simply pick up the broken heel and take a look at the fracture. Chances are, the heel has snapped off at the heel base, or the very tip of the heel is cracked. Both of these areas are fixable. Keep that part and try to find a nearby spot for a cheap pair of replacement shoes.

Visit a Shoe Repair Shop

    Broken heels are a quick, cheap fix at a professional shoe repair shop. Often, the cobbler will simply use a very strong glue to replace the heel in its rightful spot. Other times, he may drive a nail right into the heel itself. For a broken heel tip, he'll pop off the busted cap and simply attach a new one. These jobs are on a while-you-wait basis, unless the cobbler is very busy. Otherwise, it may be an overnight wait.

Do the Repair Yourself

    According to Yvonne of the shoe fansite Shoe-n-Tell, fixing a shoe yourself is a perfectly viable way to get your broken heel in wearable form once more. She states, "Try an adhesive (depending on the material of your shoe) like Shoe Goo, Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue, [or] Barge's All-Purpose Cement. These may require overnight bonding time. However, if you don't have any time to waste or wait, use Instant Krazy Glue." E-6000 adhesive is also a good option.

    Heel tips are usually available at dance shoes shops, shoe repair stores or local shoe sellers. To lessen the chance of another lost heel cap, try using a small heel protector on the tip of the shoe instead of leaving it bare. They're cheap, come in black or clear and will make your shoes a lot more stable.

Replacing the Whole Shoe

    There are times when a heel is completely dead and unable to be replaced. In those instances, chalk it up to bad luck and resolve to find a replacement. Next time, however, look for a shoe that's one step higher in quality. This may mean a shoe made of leather, rather than manmade materials, or with a heel shape that can stand up to the strain of wear. Another option is to search online merchants like Ebay for the same shoe style. It's quite possible that you'll find the exact same shoe, making it easy to switch out the dead shoe for a healthy one.

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