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Fashion Ideas with Dress Flats

Fashion Ideas with Dress Flats

Whoever invented the dress flat invented a wide world of fashion possibilities, as this article will explore. Women everywhere can feel the liberation of fashion expression with these simple ideas that will carry them year-round.

Flats Fit for the Colder Months

    A plaid dressy flat can add dimension to any winter work outfit.

    On a cold winter day when she is hustling and bustling about her business, sometimes a woman doesn't want to be slowed down by high heels. But fortunately for her, she doesn't have to sacrifice her sense of fashion for being a woman on the go. Flat shoes have evolved into a fashionably stylish staple for any woman's closet because they are extremely versatile and cater to every woman's taste.

    When wearing dressy flats in the winter, a variation in style and shape can change an outfit from business casual to executive meeting, depending on what look you want to accomplish. For more of a business casual look, a round-toe flat is more comfortable and relaxed on the feet but still maintains a professional air when worn with slacks. When paired with wool slacks or any other heavy-material pants to combat the winter weather, a dress flat with a texture such as suede or a pattern such as plaid adds a dimension to the look that is fashionable but not overstated.

    For more of a business look such as with a suit, a pointy toe flat gives the illusion of a high heel with the comfort of a flat.

    If you want to wear a skirt to work, a dressy flat still works in the winter even if your skirt exposes a little leg. Just pair it with solid-color tights to keep your legs warm and to keep yourself work-appropriate while adding some fashion to your ensemble. For example, if you were to pair a wine-colored sweater or top with a deep gray skirt, either a wine, gray or even black colored tights would go well with either solid color flats or plaid flats.

Warming Up Your Work Wear

    Peep-toe flats work wonders in the warmer months.

    As the weather warms up and your work wardrobe starts to evolve, the trusty dressy flat evolves right along with it in style, shape and color. When it's not quite warm enough for sandals but you want to take advantage of the sunshine, a nice peep-toe dressy flat is a sure way to go.

    The best part about utilizing a dressy flat in a springtime wardrobe is the great number of possible looks a woman can choose. If you get bored with the regular slacks with a cute flat, you can trade in your full-length pants for well-fit Bermuda shorts with a peep-toe flat in a bright color and accessorize with bright-colored necklaces and bracelets.

    Dresses and skirts go perfectly with round-toe dressy flats, but more so with peep-toes or sling backs. They also work well with Mary Janes and baby-doll-style flats, but stay away from pointy-toe flats unless you are wearing them with a skirt suit or a fancy/professional dress.

Slipping Into the Summer Sandal

    It's a touchy subject for the more traditional and conservative professional, but those who have no problem with wearing sandals to work will find themselves in a world of options and styles. Don't just limit the sandal to dresses and skirts, although they work perfectly together for work or for any function that requires a little more time getting dressed. In the workplace, cute sandals are now classy and embellished enough to go well with slacks and more business-wear skirts.

    Try to steer more toward the sandals with some sort of jewel or design to make them less casual. Also, metallic-colored sandals are considerably more work appropriate than bohemian-style sandals.

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