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How to Walk Down a Staircase in Heels

Watching a women attempt to walk in high heels when she has no idea what she is doing generally offers bystanders a good laugh at the poor girl's expense. If the simple act of walking in high heels incorrectly is enough to make someone laugh, then tumbling down a staircase because you aren't sure how to make it safely from the top to the bottom is sure to be an embarrassing situation for you. It really isn't as hard as it might seem to walk down a staircase in a set of high heels without taking a tumble.



    Make sure that you are wearing high heels that fit your feet properly. Wearing a pair of high heels that is too large may cause you unnecessary difficulty because you may find yourself having a hard time not tripping over the extra room in the toes. If you wear a pair of heels that is too small for your feet, then you may find it difficult to remain balanced because you feel unnecessary discomfort when you put your full weight on your feet.


    Grab the railing at the edge of the stairs if there is railing available, it is always a good idea to take full advantage of any opportunity to use something to help you keep your balance.


    Turn 45 degrees to whichever side you feel most comfortable with, this will help your feet to better fit on the stairs, which in turn will help you to keep your balance. Walking with a slight tilt to the side versus walking straight forward down the stairs is the difference between walking on solid ground and walking on a boat on the water; it gives you that extra bit of stability.


    Hold up the bottom of your dress if you are wearing a floor length gown to prevent yourself from tripping on the hem of the dress. You may even want to pull up a little bit of the legs of your dress pants, especially if they are wide legged at the bottom, which may cause the toe of your shoe to get caught on the hem.


    Step down onto the next stair carefully with the foot that is in the front, and wait to step down onto the next stair with the back foot until your feel comfortable on the front foot. When you place a foot on a stair, make sure that your whole foot is on the stair so that you can put your weight on your toes when you go to move the other foot so that you can avoid your heel from slipping out from underneath you, especially when you are walking down stairs that aren't carpeted.


    Take your time with each step and make sure that you glance down at least occasionally, if not with every step, so that you can be sure that there are no unforeseen obstacles in your way that may cause you to take a tumble.

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