Saturday, April 9, 2016

How to Buy Doc Martens Online

Buying Doc Martens online is an easy and less expensive way to find exactly what you're looking for at the price you want. Find the right styles, at the right price and learn ways to help ensure you're getting an authentic product, rather than a cheaper-made knockoff.


Buying Doc Martens on-line


    Turn on your computer and connect to the Internet. In the "search" box, type in "Doc Martens", then click ENTERA new web page will come up with multiple listings with the phrase "Doc Martens" in them. Look for an official site; one that is created and maintained by the company that makes Dr. Martens brand shoes.


    When you click on the link, or type the address into the address bar at the top of your page, the opening page of the web site will come up. At the top of the page are the options "Products", "Where to Buy", "About DMs" or "Choose Region." Run your cursor over any of those words/phrases, and it will bring up search options for you. Run your cursor over the word "Products" and options will automatically appear below it. Move your cursor down so it is over the word "Women's", and left click. On the next page you can either run your cursor over the pictures to get information about the shoes, or you can narrow your search by left-clicking on the type of shoe you want (i.e. "Boots") When you do this, the pictures will change to show you boots only.


    Move your cursor over the pictures, and left-click on any picture if you would like more information. Doing so will tell you what the shoe is made of, how many eye-holes there are, how much it costs, etc. If you aren't interested in any of the styles pictured, in the bottom right hand corner of the page is the Doc Martens logo with the words "Next 10 Shoes." When you left-click on that, it will bring up ten more styles. Once you move past the first page, a "Back" link will appear in the bottom left-hand corner, in case you want to retrace your steps and re-view an earlier page.


    Once you find the style you want, you can buy it from the site by left-clicking on the word "Buy". When you do this, it will open new pages to walk you through different colors or sizes, and how many pairs you want. IMPORTANT NOTE: UK Sizes are different from USA sizes. Your UK shoe size is two sizes smaller than your USA shoe size. So if you are a size 9 in the USA, you will need to look for a UK size 7 shoe. If you are a size 8 1/2 in the USA, you will need to look for a UK size 6.5.


    I would suggest that if you have the time, you make a note of the extended information about the shoe: size, color, name of the style, how many holes, etc. Write it down and open a new window on your computer screen. If you have a PC, you can do this by pressing "CTRL" and the letter "N" at the same time. In the new window, type "Doc Martens" in the search box. This will bring up the multiple sites again. Look for sites that describe themselves as selling Doc Martens at a discount, or free shipping. Click on a site and do a search, looking for the specific style you've chosen from the Doc Martens website. Often you will need to look at a few sites before you find an exact match. You can also check ebay to see if they have any listings for the style you're looking for. See if you can find the shoe at a lower price. IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to take into account how much shipping and/or tax will add to the total cost of the shoe.

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