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How to Design Sneakers Online

How to Design Sneakers Online

On the Internet, one can be a shoe designer in a matter of minutes. This article will help you discover your inner designer and unlock your hidden skills and talent. Get tips on websites to use to become a shoe designer, and become a fashion mogul to your friends and family.


Internet Shoes Desings in Minutes

    Keds Shoes from Zazzle and Kimberlee Ketring

    Go to (link in Resources section below). Choose the "My Zazzle" link on the top left side of the site and fill out the registration form, submit the form and you can begin to create shoes.

    Kids Keds

    After registering and logging in, choose the button "Create a product." You will be directed to a page that displays seven rows of products to design. Keds shoes will be the last product in the second row--click on it. Under the list "custom shoes," pick the type of shoe you want to design. I am choosing '"women's slip-ons" for this article. Choose "Create Shoes" and you will be ready to begin designing shoes.

    Patch of Painted Design used to make Kids Keds

    Keep your images approximately 600 by 800 in dimension and create a folder on your desktop. Put your images inside the folder. The images will be uploaded to the Zazzle website for your designer Keds. Choose the "customize it" tab to upload your images, upload images from your computer, browse to the folder on your desktop and choose the first image. Upload all your images.

    Designer Page from Zazzle

    Choose the "Area" link on the designer page and a drop-down menu will reveal the area of the shoe to put your images, choose the area desired and choose your image repeat the process until the entire shoe has been covered with your image.

    Checker Decker Keds by Kimberlee & Zazzle

    Use your own images or use Zazzle's royalty-free images and color options. There are billions of designs to make. Zazzle allows its members to open a merchant store and supplies a widget to post products on Myspace or other websites.

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