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How to Find The Perfect Formal Shoe

How to Find The Perfect Formal Shoe

Finding the perfect shoe for a formal occasion can be difficult. It is necessary for your shoes to enhance your gown or suit in a flattering manner, yet be comfortable at the same time. Formal events often require hours of being on your feet while mingling with the other guests or dancing. Allow yourself plenty of time to search for the correct shoes after purchasing the ensemble for the event.


Women's Shoes


    Look at your outfit for the formal event and decide on what type of neutral color matches it best. Silver, gold, black, taupe and a pearlized white work well for many formal occasions. If you purchase shoes that are the exact pink or another shade to match your outfit exactly, chances are likely that you will never wear find another outfit to wear them with.


    Decide the style of shoe you are looking for based on the activities at the formal occasion. Ankle straps are useful when the event requires a lot of dancing, standing or walking. Slides or shoes with very thin straps are more comfortable during sit-down occasions.


    Pick the heel height with the type of formal occasion in mind. If it is a formal dinner where you will be sitting most of the evening, it is acceptable to buy tall heels. Events where you have a lengthy walk from a parking garage to the entrance, where you will be dancing all night or that require you to go through long reception lines require a shorter heel height to feel comfortable throughout the evening. If it difficult to have a pleasant look and smile on your face when your shoes are hurting your feet and making you miserable. Make sure the heel is positioned beneath the center of the ball of your foot to maintain correct balance.


    Browse through the shoe or department store for a shoe in the correct color. Take your outfit with you in a plastic bag with the receipt in it if you can. This allows you to try the outfit on in a dressing room with the shoes to determine if they look right and accentuate the ensemble.


    Ask the sales clerk to measure your foot to ensure a proper fit. Ill-fitting shoes can make you miserable by the end of the evening.


    Bend the shoe in front of the arch; it should be flexible for ease in walking. The sole behind the arch area should be sturdy.


    Buy the best quality that your budget can afford. If you buy a pair of shoes in a neutral color, you will be able to wear them to many different formal occasions. Formal shoes are often cheaply made and have heel or tips that fall off or straps that break if you don't purchase a well-made pair. This can lead to a disastrous fall or embarrassment.


    Practice walking and maneuvering steps in your new shoes at home. Wearing them for a couple of hours at a time on a few different days enables you to walk more gracefully and to break in the new shoes.

Men's Shoes


    Look at your suit or formal attire to determine the color of your shoes. Match your shoes to your pant color.


    Pick out classic instead of a trendy style, particularly if you have a limited clothes budget. A well-made pair of shoes out of quality materials will last you for several years and many formal occasions.


    Find a pair of formal shoes that have a sturdy sole made of rubber or leather. They provide better shock absorption than other types of soles.


    Bend the shoe in front of the arch; it should be flexible for ease in walking. The sole behind the arch area should be sturdy.


    Slip the shoes on and walk around in the store. Chances are likely that if they pinch and feel uncomfortable in the store, they will feel even worse after an evening at a formal occasion.

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