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The Best Shoes for Side Support

The Best Shoes for Side Support

Proper fitting shoes are essential if you chooses to live an active lifestyle. If shoes are ill-fitting, there is the potential for injury. The exact shoe and support that you need depends on the type of activity that you do and whether or not you have had any previous injuries. When you are purchasing shoes that will be used in physical activity, it's best to be fitted by a professional at an athletic store. If you hike, run, or play a sport regularly, you will likely need shoes that offer great side support.

Running Shoes

    Running is a high impact exercise that can lead to injuries if your shoes do not fit properly or if they do not offer the proper support. All runners need shoes with at least some side support. Runners that overpronate, which means that they have a tendency to roll the foot inwards or outwards while running, will need to pay special attention to shoes that provide side support.

Hiking Boots

    One of the key components of hiking boots is that they provide side support. Hikers navigate rugged terrain and side support is essential. Hiking boots keep the feet stable and in place, even as you are trekking over rocks and uneven ground. The majority of hiking boots are the high top style of boots, but there are low top options as well.


    Cross-trainers provide both lateral support, as well as front-to-back support. This is due to the fact that they are often worn by people that regularly practice aerobics or that participate in activities such as basketball or tennis. Cross-trainers are a great option for most people due to the comprehensive side support, as well as the front-to-back support.

Walking Shoes

    Shoes that are designated for walking also provide excellent side support. While walking is generally not a high-impact activity, side support is needed to withstand various outdoor or indoor conditions. Also, proper cushioning and support will keep your feet, ankles, and knees healthy, no matter how much or how often you walk.

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