Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Make Decorative Flip-Flops

Add a bit of whimsy and personal style to your summer wardrobe by making decorative flip-flops. The rubber flip-flops that have been around for years have become a fun artistic canvas for creativity. These adorable crocheted and rag strip flip-flops can be crafted very inexpensively for wonderful party favors at a child's birthday party or a planned craft night for your daughter's next sleepover party. Have each of the girls bring a pair of flip-flops and instruct them on the creation of the different styles. They are quick to make, which is good, because you will want to make a pair for every summer outfit.


Fuzzy Crocheted Decorative Flip-Flops


    Hold a strand of four-ply worsted weight yarn and a strand of the fancy eyelash yarn together and form a slip knot. You will be crocheting with both strands at the same time. The four-ply worsted weight yarn will give you better control of the fancy eyelash yarn.


    Place the end of the yarn along the top right side of a flip-flop strap. Insert the crochet hook under the flip-flop strap and grab the yarn with the hook. Grab the yarn on top of the strap and pull through the two loops on the crochet hook. This is a single crochet. Continue to single crochet to the center flip-flop toe strap. Push the stitches together and cover the strap completely.


    Single crochet three times around the flip-flop toe strap. This will provide additional comfort between the toes. Continue to single crochet around the last strap of the flip-flop. Finish off and weave the yarn ends back through the single crochets on the flip-flop straps.


    Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the other decorative flip-flop.

Decorative Rag Strip Flip-Flops


    Measure and cut fabric strips 1/2" wide by 6 inches long. The amount you need will be determined by how long the straps of the flip-flops are and how closely the strips are pushed together.


    Tie a fabric rag strip around one of the flip-flop straps. Alternate the direction of the knot on each consecutive fabric rag strip. Push the tied knots together and continue to cover the flip-flop straps completely. Keep the knots positioned on top of the flip-flop straps and fluff.


    Repeat Step 2 for the other decorative flip-flop.

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