Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Make Shoe Clips

How to Make Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are versatile accessories that you can use to turn a couple of plain pairs of footwear into an entire shoe wardrobe. Clip them to your pumps, flats, wedges and even sandals. But don't stop there--dress up hats, handbags and scarves with your shoe clips, too.
You can quickly and easily make your very own shoe clips for almost no money at all. Simply snoop around yard sales, thrift shops and dollar stores for fancy costume jewelry earrings. You can buy shoe clip findings--the base made just for shoe clips--very inexpensively in larger craft and hobby stores, and they are readily available online.



    Remove the hardware from the earring embellishments carefully. Most earring hardware is simply glued into place, so they should pop off easily by prying beneath them with tweezers or a flathead screwdriver.


    Sand any residue from the back of the embellishments with an emery board or sandpaper. This will also serve to roughen the surface slightly, improving the bond when you glue them to the shoe clip findings. Wipe away any sanding dust.


    Apply a small dot of hot glue to the back of an embellishment. Carefully press it to the shoe clip finding. Hold it into place while the glue sets, taking care not to burn yourself. Repeat for the other shoe clip.


    Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.


    Attach the new shoe clips to the vamps or straps of your favorite shoes.

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