Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Choose Comfortable Dress Shoes

There's nothing worse than coming home after a long day to tired, aching feet. Too many hours in the wrong kind of dress shoe can not only cause foot pain but leg, knee, hip and back pain as well. Learn how to keep your feet feeling great and fit for dancing by choosing a comfortable dress shoe that's just right for you.


Seek Help


    Go to your local shoe store and ask a shoe fit specialist to find your shoe size using a Brannock Device. The Brannock measures your foot in three ways: Heel to toe length, arch length and width. Knowing whether you need a wide shoe or what type of arch you have is key to finding a comfortable pair of dress shoes.


    Opt for dress shoes with leather uppers rather than man made materials. Leather breathes and will keep your feet nice and cool. Once your leather shoes are broken in they will stretch to create a custom fit for your foot.


    Try on different styles with varying levels of arch support. All feet are not created equal and some need more arch support than others to find a comfortable fit. The Brannock will have given the shoe fit specialist helping you an idea of what type of arch support is appropriate for your foot so he can steer you in the right direction.


    Look for a dress shoe with a cushioned insole. It's especially important that your new dress shoe be cushioned in the ball and heel areas of the foot. Your feet will thank you later. If you find a shoe that fits your foot well, but isn't cushioned as much as you would like, you can buy your own gel or memory foam insoles in most shoe stores or even at supermarkets.


    Start breaking in your dress shoes a little a time. Wear for two or three hours and then change into a back-up pair until your new shoes have formed to your feet.

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