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How to Build a Two-Tier Shoe Rack

A homemade two-tier, wooden shoe rack is not only functional, but durable as well. Wood will last a lot longer than plastic. A shoe rack helps protect shoes from scratches that may occur from too many shoes being piled on top of one another. Shoe racks also help organize a closet and make finding a pair of shoes a lot easier. Putting a two-tier wooden shoe rack together can be done in an afternoon, and the time put in to make one will be well worth the effort.


Preparing the Sides and the Shelves


    Cut two pieces of 1-inch-by-8-inch lumber in half, making four pieces that are each 4 feet long. If you can buy the lumber already cut in 4-foot pieces, you can avoid this step. Sometimes lumber yards sell scraps that would work as well. Just make sure all four pieces are the same size.


    Lay one of the 1-inch-by-8-inch pieces flat and draw a slanted line 1 foot up from the bottom of the board. The slant should be at least 20 degrees. Draw another line 1 inch up from this and parallel to it. Draw a second set of lines at the same angle 1 foot up from the first set. Draw the same two sets of lines on a second piece of 1-inch-by-8-inch lumber. This will form the sides of the shoe stand and mark where the shelves will go.


    With the router, make a cut between each set of lines, taking care not to cut through to the outside of the piece of wood. The object is to create a groove for the shelves to slide into. At this point, you should have two 1-inch-wide grooves on both sides of the rack.

Preparing the Back


    Drill two pilot holes for the wood screws in each corner of one side of the 4-foot-by-4-feet piece of 3/8-inch plywood, and drill the other two holes distanced equally apart from each corner. Do the same for other side of the plywood.


    Line one of the sides up with the edge of the plywood and install the wood screws. Attach the other side to the opposite side of the plywood.


    Use the punch to gently tap in the heads of the screws so that they are slightly below the surface of the wood.



    Fill in the area where the heads of the screws are with wood putty. Be sure and get the kind of putty that can be painted, varnished or stained. Try to get putty the same or near the same color as the wood you are using.


    Sand all rough edges of the entire shoe rack. Sand each of the grooves smooth to make the shelves slide in easier.


    At this point, you can get creative. Depending on what type of wood used to make the shoe rack, you can either paint, varnish or stain it. You could even paint designs on the sides. You might even want to paint the shelves a different color. Before sliding the shelves in the grooves, let everything dry thoroughly.

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