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How to Keep Uggs From Stinking

How to Keep Uggs From Stinking

Stinky Uggs are caused by sweaty feet and bacteria growth inside the boots. Uggs with fleece linings provide necessary warmth during winter months, but wearing them in warmer weather may cause excessive sweating that leads to smelly boots. Assess the activity level of your sweat glands to take preventative measures before your Uggs begin to smell. If you think your feet are unusually sweaty, consult a physician. If your Uggs are already stinky, simple household items can eliminate the smell.


Preventing Stinky Uggs


    Wash your feet daily. Inhibit bacteria from growing in your Uggs by regularly washing your feet with antibacterial soap. Some people should consider washing their feet more than once daily.



    Dry your feet thoroughly with a towel. Bacteria grows in a moist environment, so maintaining dry feet is imperative for preventing odor in your boots. If your sweat glands are particularly active, try using deodorant on the bottoms of your feet.


    Dust your feet with baby powder or foot powder before putting on your Uggs.


    Wear socks that wick sweat and keep feet dry. Use a clean pair of socks each time you wear your Uggs. Choose cotton socks or socks that are designed for athletic use. Avoid nylon and other synthetic fabrics.


    Fold back the top of the Uggs to allow air to circulate after you take them off.


    Place your footwear outside to allow fresh air to restore them. Avoid wearing the same pair of Uggs two days in a row.


    Take time out of each day to evaluate your stress levels and relax. Stress aggravates sweat glands.

Caring for Stinky Uggs


    Scoop a tablespoon of baking soda into two coffee filters. A swatch of thin fabric can replace coffee filters.


    Tie off the coffee filters with string.


    Place the coffee filter and baking soda bundle into the toes of your Uggs. The baking soda will absorb the odor buildup inside the footwear. Leave the coffee filter inside the Uggs for at least 24 hours.


    Discard coffee filters.


    Repeat process as necessary.

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