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How to Measure Wooden Clogs

How to Measure Wooden Clogs

Shoe sizes vary greatly depending on where they are made. The system used for shoe sizes in England, for instance, is far different from the one used in the United States. Measuring wooden clogs yourself is a quick and easy way to determine the perfect fit for your foot, regardless of the size printed on the shoe itself. Measuring wooden clogs won't take more than a few minutes of your time.



    Measure the length of each foot. Place your foot on a sheet of paper and trace around it using a pen or pencil. Then measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe with a measuring tape or ruler. Repeat with your other foot. Write these numbers down for later use.


    Measure the width of each foot. Using the same tracing of your foot from Step 1, use a ruler to draw two parallel lines along the widest portion of each side of your foot. Measure the distance between these lines, and repeat with your other foot. Write these numbers down for later use.


    Measure the instep width of each foot by wrapping your instep with measuring tape at its narrowest point. Write these numbers down for later use.


    Determine your shoe size using a shoe conversion chart. Compare to the size printed on the sales tag for the clogs, on the box for the clogs or on the clog itself.


    Measure the inside of the clog using a measuring tape. Measure from the tip of the toe to the inside heel. Comfortable clogs measure about 1 centimeter (or 0.4 inches) longer than your foot.


    Measure the inside width of the clog if you're concerned about width. While shoes generally increase in width as they go up in size, foot width varies from person to person. Use a shoe size chart to determine the width type of your feet.

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