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Home Remedies for Slippery-Soled Shoes

Home Remedies for Slippery-Soled Shoes

Most shoes with nonrubber soles and no grits or grooves to improve traction can become slippery in certain conditions, such as when walking on polished wood floors. Slippery-soled shoes can prove dangerous, as they can cause you to slip and fall. Some simple remedies you can perform at home can improve the traction of your slippery-soled shoes and ensure your safety. You will need materials that are typically found in the average home or easily and cheaply obtained from a hardware or shoe-supply store.


    Anti-slip appliqus or rubber sole guards are readily available for most styles of shoes. These are adhesive stickers that are designed to fit the outer soles of your shoes. One side is coated with adhesive, while the other side has a rough, corrugated or rubbery surface to increase traction when the sole of the shoe comes in contact with a slippery surface. You simply peel and stick these to the sole. They come in designs and colors to match special designer soles and are available from shoe supply stores or online.


    You can use sandpaper to make the soles of your shoes less slippery. Use a sandpaper with a rough grit to roughen up the soles of your shoes. The sandpaper will make lots of little tears in the soles, increasing the surface area and creating a rough napped effect. This will increase the friction between the soles of your shoes and smooth surfaces, making the shoes less slippery in the process.


    You can cut the soles of your shoes to create a corrugated effect and make the soles less slippery. You can use heavy-duty household scissors to cut X shapes or wavy lines in the soles. This will increase traction but it can also destroy the shoes if you cut too deep. Simple, shallow cuts should serve to decrease slipperiness without causing damage. Alternatively, you can use a knife or a screwdriver to score the soles of the shoes, if the sole is made of a sufficiently soft material.


    One of the simplest ways to make shoes less slippery is to scuff the soles on a concrete surface. Put the shoes on and walk to an area with a rough concrete floor or surface. Some city sidewalks are rough enough to do the job. Drag your feet repeatedly over the surface to roughen the soles of the shoes and make them less slippery.


    Do not wear slippery-soled shoes in adverse weather or on ice. If your home remedies fail to make the shoes less slippery, take them to a professional shoemaker for resoling. Take precautions when handling scissors, knives and screwdrivers, as these can be dangerous.

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