Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Treat Satin Shoes

How to Treat Satin Shoes

Chances are your satin shoes cost you a pretty penny. This makes it all the more of a bummer when you realize your shoes got soiled with a dirty smudge from an unknown source. Before you jump to the conclusion that they are ruined, rest assured you can salvage the satin fabric so that your shoes look brand new again. You may even want to treat your satin shoes on a consistent basis to keep them in top-notch shape, and so they are ready to be worn on any occasion.



    Dust off your satin shoes with a dry cloth. Remove any dirt, lint or pet hair.


    Pour some lukewarm water into a bowl. Dip a second dry cloth into the water, and wring it out. Dab the wet cloth over the satin shoe, paying special attention to the spots where the stains are. Soak the stains a little more than the other parts of the shoe. You will notice that the satin fabric on your shoe will darken as it becomes damp.


    Add a dollop of liquid mild soap onto the stains on your satin shoe. Rub the soap in with your damp cloth in a circular motion, until you see the area begin to lather.


    Rinse off the soap suds. You can run the shoe beneath a gentle stream of water from the faucet, or wipe off the soap with a wet towel.


    Use a towel to dry the satin shoe. Rub the dry towel over the wet area until it's a little less damp. Let it dry for at least a few hours.


    Spray a waterproofing product over your satin shoes. This provides a protective coating on the fabric so that the satin won't become damaged or soiled as easily.


    If you happen to be cleaning a pink satin shoe, pour a dime-size amount of calamine lotion onto several cotton balls. Then rub the lotion into your satin shoe. The lotion helps to moisturize the satin, draw out any dirt and recolor the pink hue.

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