Monday, December 7, 2015

The Best Ways to Tuck Jeans Into Uggs

Ugg boots are slip-on boots made from Australian sheepskin that come in a variety of colors. Although they are designed for warmth and comfort, Ugg boots are also considered a fashion accessory meant to be shown off. Many Ugg fans choose to tuck their jeans into the boots. Tucking your jeans into Uggs can look sleek or sloppy depending on your tucking technique.

Choosing Jeans

    Select jeans with a slim fit from the knee down for the best tucking. The best jeans for tucking are skinny jeans made from a stretchy denim. Avoid wide-leg or flared jean styles. Jeans with a loose fit or flared bottom will be difficult to comfortably tuck inside your Uggs. They are also more likely to come loose and bunch up around the knees. If you don't plan to take off your boots, look for jeans with a shorter hem to make tucking easier, such as cropped or capri styles.


    One of the quickest ways to securely tuck jeans into your Ugg boots is to vertically roll the lower legs for a tighter fit. Gather the back of your right pant leg and pull it back so the front of your jeans is snug against your shins and ankles. Keep the material in the snug position and pull it slightly to the left. Vertically roll it in a jelly-roll style until the jean hem is firmly resting against the inside of your right leg. Hold the roll in place with one hand, then slide your Ugg boot over the roll. Repeat with your left jean leg, reversing the direction of the rolling so it is on the inside of your left leg. The tight vertical rolls make the jeans rest as close to your lower legs as possible and keeps the front of your jeans from bunching up.


    For longer jean styles, cuffing the hem can make your jeans tuck more smoothly into your Ugg boots. If you try to stuff excess denim into your boots, it will crowd your ankles and cause wrinkles around the knees of your pants. Make a single cuff at the bottom of your jeans so they end at your ankles. Make one tall cuff rather than folding it over to make a double cuff. A double cuff will add volume to the bottom of your pants and make tucking more difficult. Hold the cuff in one hand as you slide your Ugg boot over it, then repeat with the other leg.


    If your jeans won't stay tucked in place, use a thick rubber band to keep them secured. Roll or cuff your jeans, then wrap a rubber band around the area of your jeans leg that keeps slipping, such as your ankle or calf. This will help keep your jeans from coming out of your boots. If you find the rubber band uncomfortable, you can also substitute old hosiery. Tie an old knee-high around the bottom of each pant leg to prevent your jeans from slipping.

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