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How to Select the Height of Heel

How to Select the Height of Heel

The height of your heels can make or break an outfit. Properly worn, high heels can make casual attire super-sexy in seconds and can make your legs appear to go on for miles. However, sometimes the middle ground is best, and 1 or 2" heels can emphasize calves in a classy, professional manner when you are in the workplace. Finally, there are just some outfits that need flats, and knowing how to identify these outfits is one of the critical skills that you need to insure that your shoe selection does not make you appear silly or--worse--a bit "trampy." Follow these guidelines to determine what height heel suits you and your attire best.


How to Select the Height of Heel

    Heels make this suit look really sharp, but if she cannot stride with equal confidence, the look may literally fall flat.

    Evaluate the day's terrain. High heels can help you feel sexy and confident, but if you are walking on cobblestones or trekking back and forth across town, a 3 or 4"spike heel will have you hobbling--and looking pretty ridiculous--in no time flat. If you will be spending most of the day in the office at a desk, then a high heel will be fine, but if you plan on hiking around the office, make sure that you select a heel that can support this. If walking is part of the day's requirements, it will probably be best to go no higher than about 2" and to avoid spiked heels.


    Factor in the time of day. If you are going to wear heels out clubbing, then you can safely go as high as your feet can stand for the night. However, if you will be arriving at work promptly at 8 a.m. in your heels, then you should avoid heels over 3" unless you are wearing pants that hide the height.

    A classic peep-toe shoe like this one is a little tall for a mini skirt, but will help elongate your frame dramatically if you pair it with an A-line skirt that hits you just above or below the knee.

    Establish a good pants-to-shoe ratio. The shorter the shorts, the shorter your heels should be. Long pants can be dressed up with a high, spiked heel and pointy toe, but shorts and skirts need to be paired with shoes that flatter the legs without making you look like you are trying too hard. A nice kitten heel looks great with short shorts or a miniskirt, while above-the-knee and knee-length skirts can support a a 1 1/2 to 2" heel.


    Consider your calves. High heels force you to tense your calves when you walk, which is not only good exercise but makes your legs look great. If you are wearing a skirt, then you should pair it with at least a kitten heel as flats actually make your legs look stockier.


    Examine your thighs. If you are even slightly insecure about your thighs, a pair of solid 2" or 3" heels will compel you to keep them tensed throughout the day or evening. Higher heels place more pressure on your calves, but a mid-range heel will keep your thighs looking firm and trim--great for a shorter skirt on a girls' night out!

    These size 11 feet look much smaller due to the high, spiked heel and platform on the shoes.

    Factor in foot size. The higher your heel is, the smaller your foot will look. While it is generally unwise to take this strategy to extremes, a high heel can help you mask a large foot. If you experience severe discomfort in high heels, you might want to try a platform heel, which can have much the same effect.

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