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How to Make a Shoe Sole Not Slippery on Ice

How to Make a Shoe Sole Not Slippery on Ice

If you live in a place where the sidewalks ice over in the winter, you need to be careful when you are out walking. Besides walking slowly and carefully, take steps to ensure that your shoes are less prone to slide on the slick ice. Adjust your regular shoes so that you don't go slipping and spinning during the cold months.



    Rough up the bottom of your shoes with 50-grit sandpaper. This gives the soles more gripping power, providing you with more traction as you walk on icy surfaces.


    Spray the bottom of your shoes with hair spray. The hair spray wears off after one or two outings, but while it is on, it gives your shoes a slightly tacky surface that grips well.


    Apply traction pads to your shoes. Traction pads are items that are stuck to the bottom of your shoes that allow them to grip the ground. They are available at shoe stores, and there are different types available for both regular shoes and high heels.


    Scratch shallow X's into the soles of your shoes with a pair of old scissors. This gives your shoes a rougher surface.

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