Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Shoes Look Good on Overweight People?

What Shoes Look Good on Overweight People?

No matter how much you weigh, the number on the scale can be a sensitive topic. For those who are over their target weight and uncomfortable being where they are, the issue can be especially painful to address. Many have dealt with problems surrounding their weight and this is particularly true when fashion, clothing and shoes are involved. If you're someone who would like to look thinner or shed pounds, it may sound unusual to worry about what you put on your feet but there are shoes that are better suited for overweight individuals.

High Heels

    If you're a woman, shoes that have a tall heel are an excellent option for formal or business casual apparel. High heels elongate the legs and make them appear slimmer and more toned than they actually are. Men can also find shoes with a slightly taller heel (usually around an inch or so). An added benefit is that shoes with a heel also improve your posture so you'll stand up straighter. Everyone, regardless of how much they weigh, looks better when they're not slouched over.

Pointy Toes

    Select a shoe that has a narrow, or pointy, toe. This shape will also trick the eye and elongate your legs. Longer legs are a desired trait for many, largely because they create a more streamlined, thinner silhouette for women-and men-of all shapes and sizes. Those looking for shoes with a pointy toe need not settle on the traditional dressy pump. Boots with a pointy toe are also an option.

Color Coordinate

    Avoid wearing shoes that are a completely different color than your outfit. Instead, try to find a shade that matches your pants, dress, skirt or your pair of pantyhose or tights. This is yet another trick to elongate your leg as your shoes blend in and become a continuation of your outfit from the waist down.

Close-Toed or Wider Shoes

    Rather than letting your toes peek out of an open-toed pump, choose a shoe with closed toes. This style will make your foot appear more narrow and less cramped. If you do choose an open-toed shoe, such as sandals, select a pair that's slightly wider, which will give your feet more room to move around in as you walk. This is both flattering and comfortable.

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