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How to Clean, Wash, Deodorize Crocs and Rubber Sandals

How to Clean, Wash, Deodorize Crocs and Rubber Sandals

Crocs and rubber sandals are comfortable shoes to wear in the summer, but they can begin to smell from sweaty feet. The manufacturer of Crocs warns that the shoes should not be cleaned in a washing machine or dishwasher because the heat can cause the shoe to shrink or warp. The company recommends hand washing the shoes with a mild soap.



    Combine 1/4 cup baking soda with a sink full of warm water. Or make a solution of dish soap and water. Soak Crocs or sandals for 10 minutes.


    Gently scrub Crocs or sandals inside and out with a small brush. If dirt or grime does not come free easily, repeat soak and scrub again.


    Rinse Crocs or sandals with cold water to remove slippery baking soda residue.


    Dry with paper towel or air dry.

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